hoogsteder & uniquole

in 2013 willem jan hoogsteder and nicole uniquole decided to join forces. willem jan hoogsteder governs one of the best art dealerships in the world at the lange vijverberg in the hague. together hoogsteder&uniquole develop travelling exhibitions for museums and cultural institutions, titled: greatexhibitions. hoogsteder’s knowledge of lending options for old masters from private and museum collections is extremely useful. since 1980 hoogsteder facilitated loans for more than 100 museum exhibitions.

the vast expertise of uniquole in the area of contemporary design, fashion and craftsmanship and the development and organisation of exhibitions is the other pillar of this concept’s foundation. hoogsteder & uniquole together create unique turnkey presentations. these are available worldwide. they are designed as a complete package, but can also be created tailor made for location specific requirements.

the love for dutch flowers

everybody loves the dutch flower still life paintings, from china to abu dhabi, from moscow to new york. the historical canvases greatly appeal to the imagination. the depicted scenes are often modest yet fierce at the same time. especially for this travelling exhibition dutch top pieces are brought together from private collections.

pieces that never before were publicly shown to a large audience. they are selected based on their extraordinary allure in colour and detailing. this temptation can also be found in the accompanying display of contemporary objects. it adds a current vibe to the exhibition and invites the visitors to look at historical pieces in a fresh new way.

rembrandt’s academy

where could the words master & apprentice be better suited than where it cocnerns rembrandt and his pupils. already in 1992 hoogsteder & hoogsteder organised an exhibition about this academy.

with works by ferdinand bol, carel fabritius, govaert flinck and many others. the exhibition with these and/or equivalent works is extended by contemporary works from the art of painting and the design and fashion world.

the fashionable days of the winter queen

the stunning british king’s daughter elizabeth stuart married her prince charming on valantine’s day 1613, the great sovereign frederik v van de palts. there were dubbed the winter king and winter queen, because they reigned over the kingdom of bohemia for one long winter only. elizabeth loved court life and everything it entailed. she introduced the international court culture to the hague and to the republic.

in the exhibition attention is paid to elizabeth’s love for fashion and fashionable lace (for ladies and gentlemen), but also for jewellery (pearls the size of nutmegs). the fashion from elizabeth’s era is combined with that of contemporary designers. with objects of dutch design, contemporary craftsmen offer their perspective on furniture, lace, jewellery and trinkets from the time of elizabeth.

oranje-nassau family

patriot history takes centre stage! the exhibition at oranienbaum palace (2012) has proven that visitors remember more of history when it is linked to the present. with images of the members of the orange family, the regents of holland and friesland,

the kings and queens, but also state pensionaries such as oldenbarnevelt, de witt and fagel, a great retrospective is created on the family history throughout the centuries.

a touch of gold

details, details, details. that is the key word for the exhibition ‘a touch of gold’. until the 19th century all clothing, particularly court dress, was made by hand. the stitching, decorations and embroidery were all of outstanding quality. contemporary designers and fashion designers today still love to work with these materials.

sometimes very subtly and sometimes resulting in extravagant showpieces. the exhibition shows in detail the beauty of the use of gold and silver thread in the historic paintings and contemporary design.