valkhof museum 2017

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paleis het loo: royal showpieces I and II

for the first time in history the palace veered off its usual course concerning the set interior design of the royal halls. with a new setting and the addition of garments, tableware and objects nicole uniquole creates the talk of the town in a

new dialogue between the royal flavours of then and design of now. after the success of royal showpieces I the follow up exhibition showpieces II can be admired until april 17th 2016. at paleis het loo in apeldoorn.

paleis het loo: from food laboratory to table ‘setting’

in the follow up from the successful exhibition ‘royal showpieces I’ in 2014, until april 17th 2016 the exhibition ‘royal showpieces – served in style’ is on show at paleis het loo. with tableware, table linen and applied arts nicole uniquole has curated a marvellous exhibition that brings to life the royal culinary culture in a unique fashion.

collection study paleis het loo

uniquole was given free reign to use the depots filled with hidden treasures, waiting to be discovered. on many occasion there have been attic scavenger expeditions in the company of conservator paul rem. this enabled uniquole to compile unique collections for the exhibitions at paleis het loo.

the exhibitions by uniquole at the palace were built under supervision of gerrit labberton. the flower ceilings were taken care of by florian seyd & ueli signer in collaboration with john hagen and francien huis from paleis het loo.

paleis het loo: revolutionairy exhibition concept

one of the most important interventions by curator uniquole for the exhibitions of royal showpieces was the removal of the strings preventing people from entering the quarters. the palace had to draw a deep breath now and then but these exhibitions are necessary to reaffirm the relevance of paleis het loo in the future. for the occasional delicate floors of the palatial rooms a solution was found in the

printed carpets, designed in collaboration with maarten spruyt and tsur reshef. the ceilings designed by daniel marot consist of separate compartments containing various painted decorations. the carpets mirror these ceilings, showing visitors how new design is inspired by the old and how the past and present are mutually reflective.

royal showpieces I: jan taminiau

‘slowly the visitors shuffle past the historically decorated quarters of paleis het loo. from a distance they look at the historical objects and portraits. the tale of the house of orange moves along in static scenes and frozen fragments. in five historical rooms the ‘hear no, see no and speak no…’ is replaced with ‘look, smell and listen´.

guest curator and exhibition creator nicole uniquole connects museum cultural heritage to contemporary design in a relevant and tasteful way, creating a fresh and unusual dialogue between the royal flavours of then to dutch design of now. prominent features of the exhibition royal showpieces I were the couture pieces by jan taminiau.

exhibition oranienbaum palace

with the exhibition ‘dutch design – house of orange’ for a period of six months the baroque oranienbaum palace revolves around contemporary dutch design and fashion in combination with historical objects from the royal house archive. uniquole is responsible for curating, organising and producing this grandhscale summer exhibition. executed commissioned by kulturstiftung dessauworlitz

and in close collaboration with the dutch embassy in berlin and the royal house archive. the history of the palace and the imaginative tale of princess henriette catharina are extremely suited to a unique confrontation between old and new. the beautifully refurbished spaces offer room to the top of the bill of the dutch design and fashion world.

queen beatrix opens exhibition oranienbaum

on april 25th 2012 her majesty the queen beatrix and the german president joachim gauck opened the exhibition ‘dutch design – house of orange’.

in the presence of all participating dutch designers this beautiful ceremonial portrait was taken.

key pieces by hella jongerius and viktor & rolf

dutch top designers made their design objects available for the grand scale summer exhibition at oranienbaum palace. amongst others hella jongerius, jan taminiau, iris van herpen, tord boontje, ted noten,

claudy jongstra, alexander van slobbe, ineke hans, viktor & rolf, edward van vliet, richard hutten, jurgen bey and piet hein eek were represented.

the princess tale

an entrepeneuring dutch princess built oranienbaum palace during the golden age. she made the surroundings flourish, both economically and in its artisan endeavours. she also collected high quality ceramics. her husband, the sovereign of anhalt dessau gathered excellent glass work. guided by the richly detailed orange-nassau portraits from the collection of the kulturstiftung dessauworlitz

the stories of princess henriette catharina and her love of pure craftsmanship unfold. this daughter of amalia van solms and prince frederik hendrik appeals to the imagination. both the portraits and the original practical function of the more than 50 palatial rooms tie together the set-up of the grand scale summer exhibition.

print cabinet with fashion sketches of orange

in the original cabinet of the oranienbaum palace during the exhibition ‘dutch design – house of orange´ a selection of historical prints from the abn-amro collection is on display. the prints offer a breath-taking image of the jewels from the

house of orange-nassau. sketches of tiara’s, sables and finery decorated the walls. the historical sketches are complemented by fashion illustrations by the fashion designer frans hoogendoorn from the hague.

dutch design retrospective in moscow, budapest, berlin

at the request of dutch embassies in various cities such as moscow, berlin and budapest, antwerp and stockholm, retrospectives of dutch design have been compiled by uniquole.

uniquole also signed for the organisation and production of the exhibitions in these cities and provided the accompanying catalogues.

brick – architecture and ceramics

commissioned by the european ceramic work centre uniquole realised a multi manifestation including an exhibition, café, bookshop and lectures where architects, designers and artists from all over the world revealed their innovative insights into the boundless possibilities in the design and development of brick. this international and inter disciplinary

vision on the ‘ ceramic skin of buildings’ took place in the groothandelsgebouw rotterdam. if any of the new designs and insights demonstrated here will be put into practice, even only in part, the brick faces a bright future. the exhibition design was created by het stijlinstituut and was realised with substantial support by wienerberger b.v.

via milano new dutch design foundation

uniquole acted as project leader for the via milano dutch design foundation for 10 years. the foundation, set up by bno amongst others, has as its main aim to promote dutch design to a large audience. innovative design showcased in milan in april could be viewed in amsterdam in a specially designed exhibition at one location in september of that same year.

the council of amsterdam supported the foundation with contributions from the arts plan. after 10 years of via milano a large retrospective took place in the oude kerk in amsterdam. the retrospective included works by marcel wanders, gijs bakker, hella jongerius, richard hutten and many other high lights of 10 years of dutch design history.

superstores modefabriek

in collaboration with the modefabriek and the stijlinstituut uniquole set up the superstores during the trade fairs of the modefabriek. the half yearly superstores were a fusion between a pocket size designer warehouse and a mini museum with carefully constructed collections of innovative fashion and design products from mostly dutch soil.

an interactive cross between a one-stop-shopping experience and a trend forum in the shape of a concept store. the concept of the superstores was based on creativity, relaxed shopping, entertainment and at the same time being seriously informed on leading developments in the area of style, design and retail concepts.

province south-holland: country seats

the province of south holland requested uniquole to communicate a series of country seats in a surprising and playful manner. collaborations were established with villa maarheeze and the caldic collection. work by florentijn hofman

floated in the pond of city hall de paauw in wassenaar for an entire summer. an attractive and handy publication compiled by uniquole helped bikers and hikers to find their way to the locations via beautiful routes.

colette parijs

concept store colette in paris has become a real sight in the city. an inspiring shop at the rue du faubourg saint honoré, one of paris’s most beautiful shopping streets.

uniquole realised an exhibition of the conceptual jewellery label chi ha paura…? by gijs bakker at colette.