brand development and positioning museums and corporations

museums and corporations can benefit from backing in better positioning their brand and their international image. in a world of globalisation the ability to distinguish oneself is an economically crucial aspect.

uniquole has developed an effective concept to explore and expose your core values.

these core values, the dna, are then translated from the past and present into the desired strategy for the future in the shape of a visual ´corporate story´ (2 to 3 a4). with engaging visual imagery the brand statement is firmly established.

consultant collections

uniquole curates collections for exhibitions, businesses, private homes and unique working environments. these consist of historic and contemporary objects of extraordinary standing and design,

such as high quality photography, furniture and interior design pieces, wall panelling, rugs, ceramics and glass.
Photo: Wallpaper Wouter Dolk for Palace Oranienbaum

the hague city: orange court the hague

unlike royal palaces in other countries paleis noordeinde and paleis huis ten bosch are not generally open to the public. at the request of the city of the hague uniquole has substantiated the conclusions of the feasibility study in 2015. under the working title ‘orange court the hague’ a corporate story has been developed and a visual brand identity created for both the basic outlay of the building as well as the design of high quality exhibitions.

´orange court the hague´ realises narrative exhibitions on the orange-nassau dynasty and the monarchy through objects on loan. brilliant historic craftsmanship from the international royal collections is combined with bright contemporary design and fashion by dutch designers. relations with the (inter)national lenders, among which the royal collection trust, have been consolidated. the orange court is distinguished by its dynamics and by its response to current events.

the hague city: feasibility study ‘dutch royal palace’

the hague has its ambitions to create a stronger profile on the prominence of the city’s royal character. the presence of the monarchy gives the city enormous potential and pull for foreign visitors. in 2013 uniquole is commissioned to explore the opportunities for a dutch royal palace. central to this study is the question: in what shape or form can a dutch royal palace be realised with international standing and appeal,

to reach a wide audience and become a tasteful tourist icon of the hague. the feasibility study sheds light on the execution concept, international benchmarks, location options, required investments, utilisation and the governing organisation.

museum meermanno

museum meermanno is the oldest book museum in the world. the museum has consulted with uniquole on the future positioning and image of the museum.

in 2016 these recommendations will be incorporated into the subsidy proposal for basic cultural infrastructure at the department of education, culture and science (bis 2017-2020).

town hall harlingen

at the request of the central government real estate agency, as part of the ministry of national affairs and royal relations, and commissioned by the council of harlingen uniquole in 2016 will realise new high quality carpets and rugs for the council and the wedding hall.

in collaboration with marten spruyt and tsur reshef, various significant historic details of this state monument will be incorporated into the design.

foundation for the national open monument day

in 2015 the open monument day is celebrated under the theme: arts&crafts. the foundation for open monument day has requested uniquole to create an inspirational document. estates, museums and historical residences form excellent locations for beautiful presentations on the mix between historic and contemporary craftsmanship.

fine woodcarving, outstanding architecture, hand-painted wallpaper, and the refined inlaid floors are the ideal décor for dutch designers who embrace craftsmanship in their latest creations. the inspirational document is shared with thousands of related locations and offers them guidance in the individual activities and exhibitions of participating organisations.

the new retail

when all over the country every shopping street has become virtually interchangeable with any other, alienation occurs. we are lost in more of the same. again and again. everywhere. how can you retrieve yourself from amongst the masses? who feels at home in no man’s land? the intrinsic values of each city are an endless source of inspiration, to be identified and translated continuously; ‘this is so the hague’, ‘oh how typically leiden’, etc.

the consumer does not solely spend money on products, but is mostly looking for experiences. in collaboration with local councils uniquole determines the dna of a city (history, contemporary, future). the lay-out of future retail offerings has to align seamlessly.

zeeuws museum

in a world of globalisation the ability to distinguish oneself is an economically crucial aspect. museums and corporations can benefit from backing in better positioning their brand and their international image. uniquole advised the zeeuws museum on their brand and image,

the required visual imagery and the consistent routing between all various components of the museum. the stunning characteristic zeeuws imagery, as you can see depicted here, has once again become a prominent feature in all communication ever since.

art direction royal delft

during the eighties the appreciation of authenticity, craftsmanship and local culture reached an all-time low. in the past decade however there has been a clearly detectable reversal. artisan companies are being revived spearheaded by fresh new design teams. designers are creatively exploring cultural heritage.

commissioned by royal delft uniquole formulated a strategy for the historic collection of royal delft, the foundation for delft blue, in text, but mostly in a visual identity. the ‘iconic collection’ curated by uniquole is visualised in a contemporary setting, in collaboration with photographer frieda mellema.

art direction royal leerdam crystal

the former dutch glass factory leerdam boasts a long and rich history. founded in 1878, the company reached out to artists to create new designs already in its early days. big names like k.p.c. de bazel, andries copier, h.p. berlage and frank lloyd wright have all designed for the glass factory. uniquole engaged jan jansen, marlies dekkers and ans marcus for the design of new glass objects.

the resulting tongue wagging collections drew a big crowd. today these objects are still favoured by collectors and glass connoisseurs. ans marcus is still involved with the glass factory as designer. her latest glass work was exhibited at masterly 2015.

fentener van vlissingen

the fentener van vlissingen foundation supports and stimulates art and cultural projects. the foundation was set up in 1961 by shv and has since been financed by the family business that employs around 47.000 people in various global activities.

commissioned by the foundation uniquole brought the exhibition of the selected artist eppe de haan, at hotel des indes, to the attention of media, press and collectors.

schiphol airport

as art director for royal delft uniquole has compiled a collection of characteristic delft blue objects for a presentation at the departure hall of schiphol commissioned by the airport.

in an imposing delft blue setting, international travellers are surprised by a large scale table showcasing the key pieces of royal delft blue.

dutch design awards

the dutch design awards annually celebrate and reward the best of dutch design. with the award ceremony, the retrospective during the dutch design week

and the publication of the dutch design year book, dda is a platform for dutch design in its full spectrum. uniquole acted as member of the jury.

glass collection and chandeliers oranienbaum palace

for the exhibition at the oranienbaum palace, uniquole had the mirror and crystal room decorated with custom made pieces by designer and glass blower bernard heesen. the kulturstiftung dessauworlitz, owner of oranienbaum palace was more than impressed with the contemporary lustre which restored this palatial room to its former glory.

all objects selected for exhibition in this hall have been purchased. subsequently the foundation has requested uniquole to have the artist create another two large chandeliers with a diameter of 130cm for this room. the mirror and crystal room of oranienbaum palace continues to be open to the public to admire this exact setting.

consultant and member of the board for the leather design foundation

the hester van eeghen leather design foundation aims to promote the beauty of craftsmanship. artisan skills and expertise cannot be lost to the netherlands. the foundation focuses mainly on stimulating and preserving the leather workers craft by holding a design competition twice a year.

the winner receives a stipend to realise the prototype in a series of 30 pieces. uniquole advices the foundation on how to market the design award and achieve a broad participation of talented designers and with that accomplish the foundation’s primary aim. for the 2015 edition uniquole also acted as a member of the jury.

dutch ceramics award. ceramics ball and conference

the ceramics ball, the ceramics award and the related conference, are held with koos de jong from the ekwc. as initiator and is an event that puts den bosch on the map as ceramics city. uniquole offered strategic advice and was responsible for the organisation of the ball, the performances, the flashing ceramics catwalk, the dinner and the after party. the dinner was prepared by maison van den boer.

the dessert ´ceramique´ was served on platters designed by marcel wanders for cor unum. in the gallery leading to the dance and dining hall a museum-for-one-day was set up with the works of 20 artists. the evening was hosted by the mayor of den bosch and the ceramics award was presented by the secretary of state for cultural affairs.

city hall de paauw wassenaar

commissioned by the council of wassenaar uniquole researched the possibilities for a new wall panelling for the city hall de paauw.

the final proposal has been applied during the refurbishment of the wedding hall.