the annual event meesterlijk 1-3 dec. 2017

meesterlijk is a bubbling pop-up mini metropole where self-producing designers, fashion designers, food artists and artisans share their passion for design and craftsmanship with a large audience. in a relaxed atmosphere you are expertly advised on current developments in the area of style and design. the latest collection ofs handmade, authentic and high quality products invite to purchase inspiring gifts for the holidays. late 2017 meesterlijk again is the platform for style, specialists and savoir faire.

an ode to craftsmanship where beauty, quality artisanary and design meet. while enjoying taste bud tickling food and drinks it is a pure joy to lounge in the warmly decorated industrial spaces of the westergasfabriek. shopping in a place that simply breathes creativity has never been this much fun before. from 1th to 3th december you are most welcome at meesterlijk. find more information in the event here.

meesterlijk 2016

the 8th edition of meesterlijk last november was a great success with 33% more visitors than the previous edition. a great group of interested people who value beauty. for years ‘craftsmanship’ was looked down upon, come 2015 everyone is convinced about the immeasurable value of good craftsmanship.

every year at meesterlijk the colourfully created newspaper is launched with attention for the participants, enriched with beautiful photography. if you missed out during the masterly event or were not able to make it to masterly, the newspaper will be available in a digital version here shortly.

recycable total concept

choosing substance, style and sustainability at meesterlijk also translates into the execution concept. meesterlijk each year utilises recyclable display materials. also in 2015 more than 85% of the cardboard pallets, boxes and sheets were reused.

in collaboration with marten spruyt and tsur reshef a remarkable chain of cardboard work spaces was created resulting in unity in diversity, tranquillity and coherence.