biennale masterly the hague

a biennale at the most beautiful historic buildings of the hague! during masterly the hague, in the week of prinsjesdag (little prince’s day), paintings from the 17th and 18th century are combined with exquisite objects by contemporary designers, artists, and photographers. the paintings are from private collections and are on show for the public, exclusively for this biennale.

theme: the royal edition


“a completely new experience.” “stylish, beautiful, exciting.” “this is the festival that the hague needs.”


showing contemporary design together with historic paintings proves to be a winning combination.


masterly the hague
21-24 september 2023

initiators: willem jan hoogsteder and nicole uniquole

masterly the hague is an initiative by nicole uniquole and willem jan hoogsteder, collaborating partners since the palace oranienbaum exhibition (2012).


willem jan hoogsteder is widely known by the public as one of the experts who is featured in the tv show ‘tussen kunst en kitsch’. he supports masterly the hague through the hoogsteder museum foundation.

2023 | biennale masterly the hague
theme: the royal edition

it is time to celebrate in the royal residence the hague! at the upcoming biennale, all paintings revolve around courtly life. currently, research is being done on paintings and prints on loan that have a link to the dutch and english royal family. stunning paintings of amalia van solms, king william iii and prints of queen victoria have already been selected. central themes are royal dinners, fashion at the court, palace gardens, royal interiors, and interior styling. the historic period rooms are decorated per “royal” theme and complemented by contemporary works by designers, artists, and photographers. with masterly the hague, the craftsmanship of these disciplines takes centre stage. a celebration in the hague!

designers, artists, and photographers who wish to participate in masterly the hague, please send an email to

comittee of recommendation

masterly the hague is supported by a dedicated committee of recommendation:

  • lita cabellut – artist
  • his royal highness mr prins pieter-christiaan van oranje-nassau, van vollenhoven
  • drs wim pijbes
  • rob polet mba former ceo – gucci group
  • paul schnabel – president bredius society
  • prof dr. frans sonneveldt – chairman of the board cornelis kruseman foundation– jozina maria cornelia ising foundation

advisory committee:

  • hans van eenennaam – former hofmarschall to queen beatrix
  • marleen zuijderhoudt – former director westholland foreign investment agenc


_ 2023
art history lectures

following the great success of the previous edition of masterly the hague the programme of art history lectures is expanding!

the lectures (45 minutes, including coffee and petit fours) are illustrated by stunning visual imagery.

photo: lanen, hoogsteder museum foundation

_ 2023
collaboration with de bijenkorf

for the fourth time, in 2023 the windows of the bijenkorf in the hague will feature the festival masterly the hague.


designers selected by curator nicole uniquole present at the most inspired department store in the netherlands following the festival.


in addition, the bijenkorf will put together an evening-long program for a number of selected customers during the biennale!


photo: painting by wilhelmina van pruisen, collection hoogsteder museum foundation. objects: royal delft. lighting: japth / design richard hutten.

_ 2023

masterly the hague works in close collaboration with many partners in the hague. hotel des indes freely offers its location and the voco hotel provides rooms for the entire team for the entire duration of the festival. a fantastic gesture!

want to collaborate with the dynamic team of masterly the hague? to host guests or have guided tours provided for your clients? please send an email to  and I will contact you.

2021 | biennale masterly the hague
theme: ode to the dutch landscape

visitors – whether from home or abroad – recognise it instantly: here we see the netherlands. in realistic landscapes and in imaginary worlds. in 17th century paintings and 21st century design. especially for the biennale, masterly collaborated with the dutch tourism board. jointly they present the theme: ode to the dutch landscape.


photo: look by dries van noten / nicole marnati

2019 | biennale masterly the hague
25 period rooms: sneak a peek at the neighbours

sneak a peek at the neighbours… in 25 period rooms, old and new masters meet with “exquisitely crafted” work. nicole uniquole assigns participating designers, photographers, and artists an historic painting as their muse. the contemporary masters are inspired by that painting and consequently create completely new works.

the visitor embarks on a voyage of discovery through the period rooms. through the yellow room, the gentleman’s room, arched cellar, lace room, dressing room, dining room, and flower room. the participants are present and love to share their experiences with the visitor. the historic paintings can be viewed up close. the design premiers are for sale.

2018 | biënnale masterly the hague
from rembrandt van rijn to viktor & rolf

‘a completely new experience.’ ‘stylish, beautiful, exciting.’ ‘this is the festival the hague needs.’

high praise from visitors of the festival masterly the hague received by initiators nicole uniquole and willem jan hoogsteder.


showing contemporary design with historic paintings proves to be a winning combination. a broad audience enjoyed four days of surprise in the three city palacesalong the lange vijverberg. in the beautifully arranged period rooms 60 designers passionately discussed their latest creations, inspired by their muse.rembrandt, honthorst, amalia van solms, anna paulowna and many other royals and old masters had never before been brought to live this successfully.