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blauw bloed tv: report about the exhibition ‘de vrouwen van soestdijk’

fairytale castle soestdijk
exhibition 'the women of soestdijk' lets the palace shine

tijd voor max: the women of soestdijk

princess margarita de bourbon de parme and nicole uniquole give a unique insight into soestdijk palace, where the exhibition ‘the women of soestdijk’ can be visited from 12 october 2023 to 7 january 2024.

de interieur club: podcast about masterly – the dutch in milano with founder nicole uniquole

la repubblica: the heart of holland in the heart of milan

elle decor: the latest from masterly – the dutch in milano

la repubblica: a golden queen máxima gives her speech in italian

queen máxima’s day in milan ended with a reception in palazzo giureconsulti where she visited masterly – the dutch in milan, led by mayor sala. Dressed entirely in gold, Máxima chose to give the first part of her speech in Italian to strengthen the relationship of creative cooperation between the two countries: “Italian aesthetics and Dutch audacity: together a recipe for success!”.

stefano boeri architetti: parco del polcevera presented at masterly – the dutch in milano

vogue italia: meets the mayor of milan on the masterly roof terrace

harper’s bazaar: 24 hours together with nicole uniquole, the brain behind masterly milan during milan design week

de interieur club: masterly – the dutch in milano is the number 1 event during milan design week 2023

fuorisalone 2023: dutch design according to masterly – the dutch in milano

2022: financieel dagblad
profiel nicole uniquole: style icon with an eye for commerce

from the article:

_I make sure that when something has dozed off a little, may it be a brand or a high street, it gets spiced up again.
_this is her specialisation: combine old with new. in 2012 she shook up the german oranienbaum palace by placing dutch design next to pieces from the royal archives.
_that everyone in the dutch design world knows her, is undoubtedly due to her carefully cultivated image.
_for the sixth time this year nicole uniquole curates the dutch design pavilion for the most important furniture fair in the world.
_her house at the hague bezuidenhout, dating from 1904, is decorated like a sample card of dutch design.

weltkunst magazine: ‘this is how the flamboyant nicole uniquole from the hague came into play’

the curator, style consultant, design expert, developer of aesthetic strategies understands big, spectacular gestures as well as perfectionist, detailed work that leaves nothing to chance.

fuldaer zeitung: ‘visitors from all over europe’

reformatorisch dagblad: ‘fulda is fantastic’

de telegraaf: ‘practice for the dutch throne’

tagesspiegel: ‘250 years king william I in fulda’

fuldaer zeitung: ‘the fulda show is spectacular’

ideat: ‘the king’s new art in fulda’s city palace’

fuldaer zeitung: ‘ruler in miniature’

fuldaer zeitung: ‘insights into the dutch royal family’

den haag centraal: ‘german fulda under the spell of orange’

fuldaer zeitung: ‘city palace on stamp’

telegraaf: ‘but the biggest tourist attraction will be… fulda’

thanks to the telegraph

announcement for the major summer exhibition in fulda: design & dynasty.

about the 250th birthday of King William I.

eigen huis & interieur: promotion of dutch design

elle decoration: masterly > elegant selection

article ‘eye on the prize’

text from the article: ‘what do you do when what makes you happy is bringing people together, show the world the most beautiful things, but a worldwide pandemic is holding you back? nicole uniquole, founder of masterly – the dutch in milano,

the dutch pavilion during the salone del mobile accepted it, stood tall and put her focus on what she does best: connect.

a go-getter, someone with a clear vision, are words often used to describe nicole and she is proving it now once again. the day after de decision to postpone the salone del mobile her house is filled with exquisite flowers, she is given chocolates and encouraging messages from “her” designers who were supposed to accompany her to milan. it immediately brings her back to reality: keep your eye on the prize.

With her own motto she searches for what is possible. Her drive is to unite the group, with the conviction that this exactly when they strengthen each other. That must be tangible, to the visitor, the media, the client, the curation and the producer visiting masterly.’

text sharon roest

harper’s bazaar

text from the article: ‘milan, moscow, berlin, budapest: curator and exhibition creator nicole uniquole roams the whole of europe for her work. with her company uniquole she leaves behind a trail of wonder and admiration: with each city as a unique décor, she knows how to put dutch design on the map. her specialism? contemporary art and art from the golden age. nicole uniquole’s list of projects is equally impressive. she is the founder and curator of ‘masterly – the dutch pavilion’ that is featured annually during the salone del mobile in milan. as you can read: nicole uniquole is a master in the world of art fairs and exhibitions, and because of that this week she is bazaars woman of the week.’

text evie lukassen

harper’s bazaar: woman of the year 2021

nicole uniquole won the harper’s bazaar public vote!

photo milan gino

spread ad / the hague

text by geraldina metselaar

interview about the role of artists and designers for the innovations during the world exhibition in dubai.

in collaboration with monique ruhe, artistic programmer of the art programme.

serie ‘outspoken’

magazine color and style

written by natasha admiraal

design magazine bno (6 pages)

quote: ‘average is not good enough’

appointment honorary member bno

nicole uniquole and conny bakker (professor tu delft, faculty of industrial design engineering) have been appointed honorary members of the bno | professional association of dutch designers.


these hall of fame include benno premsela, lidewij edelkoort, timo de rijk, gert dumbar, anthon beeke, dick bruna, wim crouwel, friso kramer, kho liang ie and wim rietveld.


bno honorary members: people who are appointed honorary members because of their great merits for the profession and / or the association. this pays tribute to everything, and the honorary members act as icons and ambassadors for the design profession

article: the architect

masterly milan: corriere della sera

corriere della sera is one of the largest newspapers in italy with a circulation of approximately 400,000 copies.


the 2019 edition of masterly – the dutch in milano was voted by the newspaper as the second best presentation during the salon del mobile in milan. the great leonardo da vinci exhibition in palazzo reale was number 1.

trendsetters magazine: nicole uniquole, li edelkoort and rosanna orlandi

interview with three trendsetters

avro’s kunstuur with marcel wanders, nicole uniquole and lucas de man

lucas looks back with top designer marcel wanders on the early days of his successful label moooi and met in milan designer maarten baas and design expert nicole uniquole who presented a palazzo full of dutch design.

watch the broadcast here

publication: women in the art world

publication and exhibition of carla van de puttelaar.


nicole uniquole is honored to be part of the project “women in the art world, portraits of prominent and promising women in the art world”.


with portraits of kaywin feldman (national gallery, washington), emily rafferty (president emerita metropolitan museum of art), susan singer (art collector), marta weis (v & a), emilie gordenker (director mauritshuis), hester diamond (art collector) , hannah rothschild, inbound (frick collection), ingrid van engelshoven (minister of culture) and anne t. woollett (getty museum).

view the project website here

series of promotional movies city of the hague

presentation: nicole uniquole

locations, amongst others: museum escher, panorama message, kunstmuseum den haag, korzo theater, museum mesdag en mauritshuis.

commissioned by the hague city marketing.

watch one movie here

masterly: 1st place!

corriere della sera is one of the largest newspapers in italy with a circulation of approximately 400,000 copies.


the 2018 edition of masterly – the dutch in milano was voted the best presentation during the salone del mobile in milan by the newspaper.

painting huis ten bosch at masterly the hague

the hague central, the newspaper with all information about what is going on in the hague, will pay attention to the new festival masterly the hague in 2018 and 2019 with a series of articles.


design and architecture magazine.

article about the creation of the dutch pavilion in milan.

algemeen dagblad – about a new festival in the hague

with thanks to malou seijdel

telegraaf – article about the new festival in the hague

with thanks to eline verburg

den haag centraal about masterly the hague

with thanks to caroline ludwig

online media because of salone del mobile

online media about the salone del mobile.

on the roof terrace of the dutch pavilion in milan.

photo: nicole marnati

interior russia



photo: grand courtyard of masterly – dutch pavilion.

‘milan is the place to be’

eindhovens dagblad



algemeen dagblad – spread about masterly dutch pavilion

text malou seijdel
photo nicole marnati

financieel dagblad

text: mehtap gungormez

elle decor italia

interview: paola testoni

photo: frieda mellema

top: esther dorhout mees

scarve / skirt: world of charisma

het parool (weekend addition, 5 pages)

interview: joep school
photo’s: rachel dubbe
dress: walter van beirendonck

den haag centraal



accessory: michael barnaart van bergen (limited edition)