masterly milan: corriere della sera

trendsetters magazine: nicole uniquole, li edelkoort and rosanna orlandi


avro’s kunstuur with marcel wanders, nicole uniquole and lucas de man

publication: women in the art world

series of promotional movies of the hague

masterly: 1st place!

painting huis ten bosch at masterly the hague


algemeen dagblad – about a new festival in the hague

with thanks to malou seijdel

telegraaf – article about the new festival in the hague

with thanks to eline verburg

den haag centraal about masterly the hague

with thanks to caroline ludwig

online media because of salone del mobile

online media because of salone del mobile.

on the roof terrace of the dutch pavilion in milan.

photo nicole marnati

interior russia



photo: grand courtyard of masterly – dutch pavilion.

‘milan is the place to be’

eindhovens dagblad



algemeen dagblad – spread about masterly dutch pavilion

text malou seijdel
photo nicole marnati

financieel dagblad

text: mehtap gungormez

elle decor italia

interview: paola testoni

photo: frieda mellema

top: esther dorhout mees

scarve / skirt: world of charisma

het parool (weekend addition, 5 pages)

interview: joep school
photo’s: rachel dubbe
dress: walter van beirendonck

den haag centraal



accessory: michael barnaart van bergen (limited edition)

klei magazine (5 pages)


photo: frieda mellema

frankfurter algemeine (4 pages)

den haag centraal (spread)

interview: jasper gramsma

photo: piet gispen