dr. wolfgang savelsberg > head, department of palaces

‘thinking of nicole uniquole brings back the best memories. in 2012 she developed what was undoubtedly the most exciting and successful exhibition for the kulturstiftung dessau-wörlitz: “dutch design,” huis van oranje – excellent handcraft at the court “. her fascinating concept was based on the previously rich interior design of the palace built by princess henriette catharina van oranje -nassau. high-end, contemporary craft by leading dutch designers was on show in all the rooms of the largely unrestored palace. historic objects from the royal collections were exhibited as high-class counterparts. the richly illustrated, beautifully designed catalogue documents the appeal and beauty of the exhibition. each component was absolutely done justice, in the reliable and capable hands of nicole uniquole.  amongst prominent guests were her majesty beatrix, queen of the netherlands and the german president joachim gauck. they had the honour of opening the exhibition.’

drs reinildis van ditzhuyzen > writer, historian

‘for me as a historian it is always a true pleasure to be working with nicole uniquole. she immediately senses how (historic) ideas and depictions can be translated into an exciting and surprising exhibition concept.


she again and again manages – thanks to her vast network, her great zeal and fast paced work method – to lead people with her proposals and manifest large-scale projects.


we collaborated on, amongst other projects, the remarkable exhibition at schloss oranienbaum (2012) and the and the german edition of “das haus oranien Nassau biografien und bilder aus 600 jahren (text von mir, bild von ihr), aschendorff verlag, münster 2016.”.’


hedy d’ancona > former minister of welfare, health, culture

‘nicole uniquole, i met her as president of via milano. she was the inspiring project leader, who brought the dutch designers who excelled at this exhibition to the amsterdam rai. back then i was already impressed by her discernment, her vision, her strive for perfection and her organisational talent. through the years i have followed her with increasing admiration. not only from a distance: several times i opened events she organised like the masterly fair. annually, i would discuss all her upcoming projects or those she hoped to realise soon. i witnessed how inexhaustible her creativity is, how her talent evolves as does the scope of her work; from design, to art to craftsmanship. her abilities as manager are complemented by curating exhibitions that seamlessly connect past and present. what binds us is most likely the value of beauty, and to endeavour connecting people with this. in order to achieve the latter, nicole also has great social skills; she always surrounds herself with exactly the right people. i have also deepened my own discernment, as i learned to look through nicole’s eyes at the essence of her passion.’

joost flamand > dutch ambassador in italy

‘nicole uniquole plays a unique role in the internationalisation of designers from the netherlands. in 2019, immediately on arrival in italy, i had the pleasure of meeting nicole in milan. this was in relation to masterly, the exhibition and design presentation where dozens of designers, creators and artists are given a place during the most important international design week, under nicole’s expert guidance. masterly draws thousands of visitors and her selection comes highly recommended by all trade publications.

nicole uniquole represents a talent for organisation, passion for quality and an eye for detail. not to mention resilience and persistence, as i have been able to experience during the recent covid-pandemic. forza nicole!’

marko kamminga > ceo fritsjurgens

‘a few years ago, we got the opportunity to exhibit at masterly, the dutch pavilion in milan. after the first meeting with nicole, i was immediately enthusiastic about a long term cooperation with uniquole. nicole’s entrepreneurship, her enthusiasm, her passionate eye for beautiful things are all equally infectious.


and more importantly, not without results. we have made great new contacts. spontaneously, but also with the help of nicole as a connector pur sang. not only during the exhibitions but throughout the year.


as a brand, we are also very happy with the opportunity to exhibit at masterly in milan. a beautiful atmosphere, with nicole as a great ambassador.’


coen masselink > ceo hotel des indes

‘when nicole first came to me to discuss her plans for masterly the hague, i was extremely impressed. nicole is entrepreneurial, bold, energetic and she raises the bar. this is something i can appreciate, as it is exactly how we do things at hotel des indes. this makes us a perfect match.


the constructive brainstorm sessions, the concept, the grand endeavour, the high quality and the execution: the biennale celebrates the best the hague has to offer.


together we have founded a program where we host the ambassadors and their entourage. a great success which we will expand on this coming year.


as the cherry on the cake and in honour of our collaboration we have a special masterly cake, created by our pâtissier, complete with gold leaf.’

henk schouten > ceo royal delft group

‘the royal delft group has always enjoyed a good and professional working relationship with nicole. her passion for craftsmanship and design have offered us direction right from the start of our collaboration and given us a wake-up call from our daily practice.


the effective formulation of our core values is something we benefit from still today. with the masterly network nicole brings creation, production and distribution together. all the key elements for successful entrepreneurship.’