archive: 2019 masterly the hague

photo: bob eshuis

archive: 2019 ‘royal’ collaboration with htm

this unusual tram is hard to miss. this remarkable appearance in royal orange drives through royal city the hague for three months.

a beautiful mobile billboard for the new festival masterly the hague!

archive: 2019 masterly – dutch pavilion milan

tuesday night is when each edition the opening cocktail party of the dutch pavilion takes place. together with the embassy in rome and the consulate general in milan the dutch pavilion is host to over 500 prominent guests from the corporate world and industry, designers and press.

archive: 2019 masterly’s architects breakfast with unstudio

keynote speaker: ben van berkel

archive: 2018 masterly the hague – rembrandt van rijn to viktor & rolf

‘a complete new experience.’ ‘stylish, beautiful, exciting.’ ‘this is the festival the hague needs.’

high praise from visitors of the festival masterly the hague received by initiators Nicole uniquole and willem jan hoogsteder.


showing contemporary design with historic paintings proves to be a winning combination. a broad audience enjoyed four days of surprise in the three city palacesalong the lange vijverberg. in the beautifully arranged stylerooms 60 designers passionately discussed their latest creations, inspired by their muse.rembrandt, honthorst, amalia van solms, anna paulowna and many other royals and old masters had never before been brought to live this successfully.

archive: 2018 collaboration with kunstmuseum the hague

exquisite pieces from the department of fashion and costumes on loan from the kunstmuseum can be seen during masterly the hague, displayed in a fairytale setting by maarten spruyt.

photo: nicole marnati | dress jan taminiau, loan kunstmuseum the hague

archive: 2018 publication biographic dictionary orange-nassau – german translation

following the success of the dutch edition of the biographic dictionary orange-nassau an updated german edition is now also available.


archive: 2018 opening masterly – dutch pavilion

the 2018 edition of the dutch pavilion in milan was opened by minister Ingrid van engelshoven, the minister of culture and the dutch ambassador for Italy joep wijnands. for the minister and her group nicole uniquole organized a special tour of the pavilion.

archive: 2018 masterly’s architects breakfast with renault

keynote speaker: laurens van den acker

archive: 2018 10 years meesterlijk – the event for design and craftsmanship

for nicole uniquole , founder and curator of masterly, in 2008 the decision was clear. this design festival completely revolves around craftsmanship and artisan techniques. for a decade uniquole has offered a strong platform to self-producing designers who do not have their own shop. nicole uniquole’s forward vision has proven itself beyond a doubt.

archive: 2017-2018 guest curator kunstmuseum the hague

couturier frans hoogendoorn has been an icon in the netherlands for over 40 years. inextricably connected with the hague, the city, the royal court, nobility and diplomacy, and through this also with the international world of fashion. since the seventies this master of crafts creates elegant designs that are clearly influenced by parisian chic in fashion. His timeless creations with international allure are worn by grand dames, amongst which several members of the royal family. The exhibition at the gemeentemuseum, curated by nicole uniquole and designed by maarten spruyt, is a celebration of the hague couturier and shows fashion illustrations alongside film and many highlights from his oeuvre.

archive: 2016 publication biographical dictionary orange-nassau

is or isn’t our king a descendent of william I the silent? which princess of orange built the oranienbaum palace in germany? why was amalia of orange – of solms so fond of juwellery?

these and many other questions are answered in this book, whether you are looking for reliable historical data on the orange dynasty or just plain curious. all (orange-) nassaus can be found in this book, in over 150 compact biographies: in alphabetical order, via the register or in the complete family tree.

photo: frieda mellema

archive: 2016 the book on design and craftsmanship

a richly illustrated book in a4 size, 2cm thick and weighing 1 kilo! an ode to craftsmanship. jan taminiau, iris van herpen, hella jongerius, bernard heesen, christien meindertsma, mieke meijer and many other designers show how they are inspired by traditional craftsmanship. with articles by jeroen junte en minke simon thomas (boijmans van beuningen).


production: uniquole. 

in collaboration with the fund for culture participation


photo: frieda mellema

archive: 2014 – 2015 palace het loo: royal showpieces I and II

for the first time in history the palace deviated from the permanent design of the royal halls. the ropes were removed and through an ingenious exhibition design developed by uniquole, the public was granted access to the heart of the palace. with this new layout and the addition of fashion, porcelain and objects nicole uniquole has engaged in a thought provoking dialogue between the royal taste of before and design now. the theme “look different” was further elaborated on in the eponymous catalogue, which invited the audience to truly look at the ceilings, walls and the extraordinary collection through different eyes. following the success of royal showpieces I the exhibition royal showpieces II could be admired at palace het loo in apeldoorn.

archive: 2014-2015 collection study palace het loo

for the royal showpieces I and II uniquole was given free rein to make use of the depots where many treasures were just waiting to be discovered. in the company of conservator paul rem many trips were taken to the attics of the palace. this enabled uniquole to curate unique collections for her exhibitions at palace het loo. the exhibitions by uniquole were constructed under the guidance of gerrit labberton. the floral ceilings were provided by florian seyd & ueli signer, in collaboration with john hagen and francien huis in ‘t veld of palace het loo.

archive: 2014-2015 palace het loo, revolutionary exhibition concept

one of the most important interventions by curator nicole uniquole for the royal showpieces was the removal of the ropes, that prevented people entering the chambers. for the palace this was not without trepidation, but it is through exhibitions like this that palace het loo stays relevant in the future. a solution for the sometimes-fragile floors of the palace halls was found in printed carpets, designed in collaboration with maarten spruyt and tsur reshef. the ceilings designed by daniel marot consist of compartments with various painted decorations. the carpets reflect these ceilings, showing the visitors how new is inspired by old.

photo: marjon hoogervorst

archive: 2014-2015 jan taminiau

‘slowly the visitors scuffle past the historically decorated chambers of palace het loo. from a distance they look at the historic objects and portraits. the story of the house of orange-nassau unfolds in stately imagery and still fragments: hear, see and speak not.’ in five historic spaces the hear, see and speak not makes place for ‘look, smell and listen’. guest curator and exhibition creator nicole uniquole connects museum heritage to contemporary design in a meaningful and tasteful manner. this creates a fresh and surprising dialogue between the royal taste of before and dutch design now. a prominent part of the exhibition royal showpieces I were the couture pieces by jan taminiau, known for being worn by queen maxima at a gala.

archive: 2012 exhibition palace oranienbaum

with the exhibition ‘dutch design – house of orange’ for six months the baroque palace oranienbaum revolves around contemporary dutch design and fashion, combined with historical objects from the royal house archives. uniquole is responsible for curating, organizing and producing this grand summer exhibition. the history of the palace and the inspiring story of princess henriette catharina are exceptionally suited for a unique confrontation between old and new. the beautifully restored spaces offer room to the top of the dutch design and fashion world. executed at the request of  kulturstiftung dessauworlitz and in close collaboration with the dutch embassy in berlin and the royal hosue archives.

archive: 2012 opening exhibition palace oranienbaum

her majesty queen beatrix opens the exhibition ‘dutch design – house of orange’ at oranienbaum and the german president joachim gauck. in 4 months the usually quiet oranienbaum was inundated with over 60.000 visitors of the exhibition. max bruinsma: ‘you can conclude that this is how nicole uniquole follows suit of her illustrious predecessor.’ in reference to the way princess henriette catharina helped this region blossom by founding factories and building the palace here, this observation underlines the importance of culture in economy.

archive: 2012 presentation top pieces hella jongerius and viktor & rolf

dutch top designers made their design objects available for the grand summer exhibition at palace oranienbaum. among the participants were: hella jongerius, jan taminiau, iris van herpen, tord boontje, ted noten, claudy jongstra, alexander van slobbe, ineke hans, viktor & rolf, edward van vliet, richard hutten, jurgen bey en piet hein eek.

archive: 2012 print cabinet fashion illustrations of the house of orange

a selection of historical prints from the abn-amro collection was displayed at the original cabinet of the oranienbaum palace during the exhibition ‘dutch design – house of oranje’. the prints offer a breathtaking perspective on the juwels of the house of orange. sketches of tiaras, sables and parures decorate the walls. the historical sketches are complemented by the fashion illustrations of fashion designer and couturier frans hoogendoorn.

archive: 2011 concept development exhibition: the story

an entrepeneuring dutch princess built palace oranienbaum during the golden age. she was the one who made the region blossom in terms of craftsmanship and economy. in addition she collected high quality ceramics. her husband, the ruler of anhalt dessau, collected excellent glassworks. based on the richly detailes orange-nassau portraits from the collection of the kulturstiftung dessauworlitz the story of princess henriette catharina and her love of craftsmanship is told. this daughter of amalia of solms and prince frederik hendrik speaks to the imagination. both the portraits and the original use of the over 50 palatial rooms act as the red thread throughout this grand summer exhibition.

archive: retrospective dutch design from budapest to berlin

dutch design travels all over the world. at the request of the dutch embassies in various cities like moscow, berlin, budapest, antwerp and Stockholm uniquole has curated and produced various retrospective exhibitions of dutch design. as curator and producer uniquole also took charge of the entire organization and production of the exhibitions in these cities, including a substantial satellite programme, from logistics to pr and communication, and the accompanying catalogue.

archive: via milano new dutch design foundation

for 10 years uniquole acted as project manager for the via milano dutch design foundation. the foundation, set up by the dutch association of designers amongst others, aims to bring dutch design to the attention of a broad audience. new dutch design presented at the salone del mobile in milan in april was on show at one location in amsterdam the same year in september in beautifully designed exhibitions.


the amsterdam council supported the foundation with a contribution from the art programme budget. hedy d’ancona acted as president of the foundation. a large retrospective exhibition marked ten years of via milano at the oude kerk (old church) in amsterdam. this retrospective showed designs by van marcel wanders, gijs bakker, hella jongerius, richard hutten and many other highlights from 10 years of dutch design.

archive: superstores modefabriek

as curator and consultant uniquole has an extensive and exclusive network at her disposal to identify trends on the leading edge of design. this inside information in the first stage is translated into effective presentations, commissioned by clients such as corso como and de bijenkorf concept and department stores. in collaboration with de modefabriek and stijlinsituut amsterdam uniquole curated collections for the fashion trade fairs by de modefabriek. twice a year the superstores formed a fusion between a pocket size design department store and a mini museum, containing the collections curated by uniquole with innovative fashion and design products, mostly from the netherlands. 

an interactive crossover between a one-stop-shopping experience and a trend forum in the shape of a concept store. the concept of the superstores revolved around creativity, shopping, relaxing and entertainment, and at the same time be seriously informed on leading developments in style, design and original retail concepts.

archive: essay about the new retail

‘when in all cities and countries each shopping street becomes virtually interchangeable, alienation sets in. we feel lost in more of the same. again and again. everywhere. how can you find yourself in the masses? who feels a sense of belonging in this no man’s land?’


the intrinsic values of every city offer an inexhaustible source of information, to be continuously translated and defined; ‘this is sooooo the hague’, ‘oh how typically leiden’. consumers don’t just spend money on purchasing products but are mostly looking for experiences.

in service of councils uniquole defines the dna of a city (historically, contemporary, future). the layout of the future (retail)offer aligns seamlessly. for more information contact uniquole.

archive: fentener van vlissingen fund

the fentener van vlissingen fund support and stimulates art and culture projects. the fund was set up in 1961 by shv and is supported by the family business with around 47.000 employees and various activities globally. commissioned by the fund uniquole brought the presentation at hotel des indes of the selected artist eppe de haan to the attention of the press, public and art collectors.

archive: schiphol airport

as art director of royal delft uniquole has curated a collection of characteristic delft blue objects for a presentation at the departures terminal of schiphol. in an impressive delft blue setting the international travellers are surprised by the enlarged table showcasing various centre pieces from the collection of delft blue. commissioned by airport schiphol.

archive: head jury dutch design awards

the dutch design awards (dda) annually reward the best in the area of dutch design. with an award ceremony, retrospective exhibition during the dutch design week and the publication of the dutch design year book, dda is a platform for dutch design with a comprehensive scope.

uniquole acted as head jury for a year. that year the prizes were awarded by jort kelder

archive: brick exhibition – architecture and ceramics

commissioned by the european ceramic workcentre uniquole realised a multi-manifestation including an exhibition, café, bookshop and lectures. here architects, designers and artists from all over the globe shared their innovative insights into design and developments in brick. this international and interdisciplinary perspective on the ‘ceramic skin of a building’  took place at the groothandelsgebouw in rotterdam.    


if the new designs and insights shown here are put into practice even only in part, then the brick is facing a very bright future. exhibition design was provided by stijlinstituut. realisation of the manifestation was made possible by substantial support from wienerberger b.v.   

archive: colette paris

uniquole realised a sales exhibition of the conceptual jewellery label chi ha paura…? by gijs bakker at colette. this former concept store in paris became a landmark in the city, and icon in the world of fashion and design.  this inspiring shop at the rue du faubourg saint honoré, one of the most beautiful shopping streets in paris, drew in crowds from all over the world, who would stand in line at for o’clock in the morning, just to catch a sneak preview. uniquole provided the overall concept and execution for the exhibition, in art direction, styling and organization.