branding consultancy

globalisation demands a strong value proposition for sound business. cities, museums, businesses and designers receive the right support at uniquole in building stronger brands and better positioning internationally.


uniquole has developed an effective concept to identify your core values. from these values, the brand DNA, past and present are translated into a future strategy.


the brand is then firmly established, using relevant images.  

brand strategist dutch dubai – worldexpo 2021

during the upcoming world expo in dubai the dutch pavilion presents sustainable innovations in the area of water, energy and food systems. the spectacular architecture of the pavilion, shaped like a biotope with a circular climate system, is designed by v8 architects from rotterdam. the architecture applied embodies our country’s innovations in sustainable energy, water management, agriculture and circularity.


commissioned by the ministry of foreign affairs uniquole is responsible for the cultural image of the pavilion (the aesthetics, the architecture and the arts) and all communication. monique ruhe has been appointed as artistic director of the pavilion and has selected artists, including amongst others joep van lieshout, berndnaut smilde, jurgen bey and theo jansen.


drawing: v8 architects
for information regarding the architecture, art and design of the pavilion please contact

intermediary art & design collections

the consulate-general in milan connects nicole uniquole, curator of masterly – the dutch pavilion, with businesses and industries that intend to open a branch in Italy or companies that wish to innovate their existing branch.


for many international businesses it is unimaginable not to have their “own” furniture in the entrance hall, or that there would be no work on the walls by a photographer from their home country.


dutch businesses abroad until now don’t take full advantage of this and with that miss out on opportunities.


uniquole is here, together with the consulate-general in milan, to change that.

masterly network supported by ministry of foreign affairs

starting june 16th 2020, the embassy and the consulate-general of the kingdom of the netherlands in italy will host masterly network every tuesday! everyone is looking forward to the 2021 edition, in the meantime staying in touch is a must.


you will discover more about a participant’s work and inspiration, old and new projects, and her or his connection with italy. masterly network will post on linkedin, instagram and facebook.

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  • kingdom of the netherlands in italy
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the masterly network is curated by nicole uniquole and supported by the embassy and the consulate-general of the kingdom of the netherlands in italy.

please also follow nicole uniquole on instagram: nicole_uniquole_miss_masterly

client: city of the hague

the hague aspires to build a stronger profile based on the royal character of the city. with the presence of the royal family the city has substantial potential to attract international visitors.

in 2013 uniquole carries out a feasibility study to explore the possibility of a dutch royal palace. the central proposition is: how can a royal palace of national importance take shape, in order to attract a broad audience and become a tasteful icon for the city of the hague. The feasibility study offers insights into the execution concept, international benchmarks and trends, the location possibilities, required funding, exploitation and governing organisation

client: city of rotterdam

dutch design is a global brand. still the netherlands, as opposed to many other countries, do not have a national design museum with international allure. commissioned by the rotterdam council and royal ahrend uniquole explored the possibilities of a national design museum in Rotterdam. this initial exploration contains the general feasibility of and options for a national design museum in central Rotterdam.

photo: frieda mellema | architecture series.

client: city of the hague

unlike similar royal locations in other countries, paleis noordeinde and paleis huis ten bosch are not open to the public. commissioned by the hague council uniquole developed concrete plans based on the conclusions drawn from the feasibility study.

under the working title ‘orange court the hague’ a corporate story was created, along with a visual brand identity for both the basic layout of the location and the design of high-quality exhibitions. the orange court realises narrative exhibitions on the orange-nassau dynasty and the monarchy using works on loan. spectacular historic craftsmanship from the international royal collections is combined with exciting contemporary design and fashion from dutch designers. contacts with (inter)national lenders, amongst which the royal collection trust, have been consolidated.

client: city of harlingen | central government real estate agency

with intermediary central government real estate agency and commissioned by harlingen council uniquole realised new high-quality rugs and carpets for the council hall and wedding hall of the city hall. in collaboration with maarten spruyt and tsur reshef various historical details of this state monument are incorporated in the design.

client: cornelis kruseman foundation

comissioned by the cornelis kruseman foundation a new website and flyer material was developed. the visual representation of the collection takes centre stage. The foundation aims to draw more attention to the work of the famous nineteenth century painter cornelis kruseman (1797-1857) and his painting relatives.

client: province of south-holland

the province of south-holland asked uniquole to bring a number of stunning country estates to the attention of a broad audience, in a surprising and playful manner. collaborations were set up with villa maarheeze and the caldic collection. work by florentijn hofman floated on the raadhuis de paauw pond in wassenaar all summer long. an inspiring and informative publication guided bikers and hikers to the locations via beautiful routes.  

client: museum meermanno

museum meermanno is the oldest book museum in the world. the museum has asked uniquole for advice on the future positioning and image of the museum. the advice was included in the subsidy application for basic infrastructure for culture at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (bis 2017-2020).

client: foundation national open monument day

in 2015 the open monument day was based on the them arts & crafts. The foundation national open monument day  asked uniquole to create the inspirational document. country estates, museums and historic residencies are excellent locations for presentations on the mix between historic and contemporary excellence. The refined carved wood, the stunning architecture, the hand-painted wallpaper and beautifully in-laid flooring are the ideal backdrop for designers embracing craftsmanship in their newest creations.

client: zeeuws museum

uniquole offered brand and image consultancy to the zeeuws museum, house style and collection policy. In addition to typography and image, this concentrated on a consistent routing between various departments of the museum. the beautiful characteristic zeeuws image has featured prominently in all expressions of the museum again ever since.

client: kulturstiftung dessau-worlitz | anhalt dessau

for the paleis oranienbaum exhibition uniquole decorated the mirror and crystal hall with works custom made by designer and glass blower bernard heesen. kulturstiftung dessau-worlitz, the owner of paleis oranienbaum was very impressed with the contemporary sparkle that restored this hall to its former glory. all selected objects exhibited in this hall were acquired at the recommendation of uniquole. as a result of mediation by uniquole the artist was commissioned to create another two large chandeliers with a diameter of 130cm for this hall. the mirror and crystal hall of paleis oranienbaum in this set up is still open to the public.

client: city of wassenaar

commissioned by the wassenaar council uniquole carried out research into new wall coverings for the city hall raadhuis de paauw. central to this was the history of the building in relation to contemporary design. the eighteenth-century building was once the residence of prince frederik of orange-nassau. architecture, history and royal allure were translated into contemporary design. the selection presented was applied during the renovation of the wedding hall.

clients: designers | artists

a good press photo is crucial to obtain international exposure of your design; from objects by marcel wanders (orange vases royal leerdam crystal / image) to textile works by walter van beirendonck and eee labels. designers receive a special rate of 100 euro per photo. photography days are held 4 times a year. For more information send an email to

photo: glass objects by bibi smit

visual brand identity cornelis kruseman foundation