palazzo francesco turati – ‘home of the dutch pavilion’

during the salone del mobile the dutch pavilion is situated at palazzo francesco turati. the palace was built between 1873 and 1876 at the request of count francesco turati, a well-respected tradesman. architect enrico combi designed and built the stunning neo renaissance palace, at the heart of the milanese town centre in walking distance of the dom. the perfectly restored historical spaces of the palazzo stand out with their beautifully inlaid flooring, marble doors and ornaments of gold lustre, wall coverings of velvet and silk and stunning hand carved boiseries. this makes the palazzo a perfect match to the unique method of uniquole where combinations of historic and contemporary design are at the core of museum exhibitions. the stunning refurbished italian craftsmanship and the beautiful contemporary spaces form an amazing décor for the dutch pavilion with intriguing dutch design, fashion and photography.