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blauw bloed tv: report about the exhibition ‘de vrouwen van soestdijk’

client: meyerbergman heritage group
project: full-service exhibition ‘the women of soestdijk’

the grand autumn exhibition ‘the women of soestdijk’ will elaborately showcase the rich history of paleis soestdijk, combined with contemporary fashion, design, and craftsmanship. the palace owes its illustrious status also to the women who were eager to reside here during the summer. their influence has resulted in one of the most interesting empire palaces of europe.

from october 12th to january 7th visitors are allowed to climb the stairway and admire the first floor. never before could visitors enjoy the stain glass ceiling, the stunning private bathrooms, and the glass space that was used to paint the landscape of zocher. 

fairytale castle soestdijk
exhibition 'the women of soestdijk' lets the palace shine

_ project: exhibition ‘the women of soestdijk’
concept and organisation

at the request of maya meijer-bergmans, art historian and as the owner of paleis soestdijk the current lady of the manor, uniquole developed a concept for a grand autumn exhibition. the women who for the past 375 have made their mark on the palace and gardens formed the starting point. ‘the women of soestdijk’ illustrates this rich history with contemporary design and craftsmanship.

the exhibition sheds new light on the beauty of paleis soestdijk and her unsuspected details. uniquole took on the entire organisation, in close collaboration with the staff members of paleis soestdijk. the exhibition poster was designed by opera concept & design.

_ project: exhibition ‘the women of soestdijk’
royal opening

on wednesday october 11th h.r.h. princess margarita de bourbon de parme opened the exhibition ‘the women of soestdijk’.

this grand autumn exhibition elaborately showcases the rich history of this palace, combined with contemporary fashion and design.

photo: maya meijer-bergmans (owner of soestdijk palace), h.r.h. princess margarita de bourbon de parme, nicole uniquole (cultural entrepreneur and exhibition maker).

tijd voor max: the women of soestdijk

princess margarita de bourbon de parme and nicole uniquole give a unique insight into soestdijk palace, where the exhibition ‘the women of soestdijk’ can be visited from 12 october 2023 to 7 january 2024.

de interieur club: podcast about masterly – the dutch in milano with founder nicole uniquole

april 2024 | masterly – the dutch in milano

the 8th edition of masterly – the dutch in milano will take place from 16-21 april 2023. at the fascinating palazzo giureconsulti the dutch pavilion arises again with the best design and artisan craftsmanship the netherlands has to offer.

masterly shows a complete and varied design field with relevant work from architects, furniture, textile, construction and accessories companies, designers, artists, craftsmen, galleries and vocational schools for design and interior design. for more information, visit or send an email to

_ project: exhibition ‘the women of soestdijk’
10.000 tickets sold in 1 week

paleis soestdijk heeft voor de tentoonstelling ‘de vrouwen van soestdijk’ in 1 week bijna 10.000 tickets verkocht! een groot succes! 30 paleisruimtes zijn opnieuw ingericht en geven een frisse, versaille-achtige kijk op deze prachtige locatie.

het is bijzonder dat een deel van de 170 kamers van het paleis voor het eerst toegankelijk is voor publiek. een ware ontdekkingstocht voor de bezoeker.

tickets at the box office and online via

_ project: exhibition ‘the women of soestdijk’
25.000 tickets in 6 weeks

_ project: exhibition ‘the women of soestdijk’
content development sponsorship proposition abn amro

uniquole exhibitions stand out with a powerful story which is told in fairytale settings that evoke a sense of wonder, and with this endure. the exhibitions always receive a lot of media attention. this makes it appealing to sponsors to be represented. for ‘the women of soestdijk’ uniquole writes and produces the sponsorship proposals and carries the convervations, together with maya meijer-bergmans. for abn amro uniquole developed a sponsor program, in collaboration with maya meijer-bergmans. the partnership focuses on mutual reinforcement.




project: exhibition ‘the women of soestdijk’
masterclass paleis soestdijk

how do you handle heritage pieces of great historical value? students of the wood- and furniture college are taught this at paleis soestdijk during an afternoon-long program. a perfect work experience and network opportunity, at the initiative of uniquole, in collaboration with the state department of cultural heritage and the rijksmuseum amsterdam.

la repubblica: the heart of holland in the heart of milan

elle decor: the latest from masterly – the dutch in milano

la repubblica: a golden queen máxima gives her speech in italian

queen máxima’s day in milan ended with a reception in palazzo giureconsulti where she visited masterly – the dutch in milan, led by mayor sala. Dressed entirely in gold, Máxima chose to give the first part of her speech in Italian to strengthen the relationship of creative cooperation between the two countries: “Italian aesthetics and Dutch audacity: together a recipe for success!”.

stefano boeri architetti: parco del polcevera presented at masterly – the dutch in milano

vogue italia: meets the mayor of milan on the masterly roof terrace

harper’s bazaar: 24 hours together with nicole uniquole, the brain behind masterly milan during milan design week

de interieur club: masterly – the dutch in milano is the number 1 event during milan design week 2023

fuorisalone 2023: dutch design according to masterly – the dutch in milano

lezing door aser ortega / associate director bij mvrdv

on thursday april 21, aser ortega, associate director at mvrdv will give a lecture called the future of design by mvrdv. the introduction will be given by curator nicole uniquole.

11.30 h (total 45 minutes)

be on time for a spot! max. 65 visitors

queen máxima at opening masterly

her majesty queen máxima will attend the official opening of the seventh edition of masterly, the dutch in milano, at the palazzo giureconsulti on tuesday april 18th. the opening of masterly takes place during the annual network event with many designers, businesspeople, dignitaries, and attendees related to the cultural sector.
nicole uniquole: ‘it is an extraordinary honour that her majesty the queen máxima will attend masterly this year. the netherlands is one of the key players at milan design week.’
photo: nicole marnati

the english webpage is currently being updated

weltkunst magazine: ‘this is how the flamboyant nicole uniquole from the hague came into play’

the curator, style consultant, design expert, developer of aesthetic strategies understands big, spectacular gestures as well as perfectionist, detailed work that leaves nothing to chance.

de telegraaf: ‘practice for the dutch throne’

fuldaer zeitung: ‘the fulda show is spectacular’

ideat: ‘the king’s new art in fulda’s city palace’

client: stedelijk museum breda
project: concept development exhibition 2024

breda strives to present itself as the cradle of the nassaus. exhibition and brand creator nicole uniquole has been asked to frame this with an exhibition. in this concept development, possibilities are explored for a positioning exhibition on the nassaus, their relationship with breda and the influence this has had on the founding of the monarchy. the rich story of the renaissance city breda is told through historic objects in dialogue with contemporary design. with this exhibition, a relatively unknown part of our national history is made accessible to a broad and diverse audience.

client: ministry of foreign affairs
project: culture promotion world expo dubai 2021

at the world expo countries show their innovations in a range of areas. countries are also proud of their culture. in this context, uniquole selected the best pieces of art from dutch museums, among which het mauritshuis, het rijksmuseum and panorama mesdag. on the recommendation of uniquole these top museum pieces are projected in an audio-visual presentation at the auditorium of the dutch pavilion in dubai.

photo erik smits | night watch hall rijksmuseum.

client: mondilab
project: image strategy new brand

uniquole advises mondiart on the strategic positioning and marketing of a new high-end brand identity. mondilab positions itself in the higher sales segments, manifests itself in the international design world and gets themselves noticed by architectural agencies. uniquole approached opera design for the development of the graphic design of the new brand identity. uniquole is art director of mondilab and responsible for website design, as well as the presentations in milan and dutch design week.

_ project: “design & dynasty” exhibition
exhibition brand identity

for all exhibitions uniquole conceives of an appealing title and a matching brand identity. this brand identity is rolled out throughout all relevant communication: website, social media, posters, audio guides, flyers, outdoor advertising, banners, and flags.
for the “design & dynastie” exhibition uniquole collaborated with 30 students of the graphic design department of the university of arts in zwolle as a guest lecturer. a great opportunity for all students. during the opening of the exhibition of fulda they were, of course, all present.

_ project: “design & dynasty” exhibition
selection and coordination of works on loan

for the exhibition in fulda, uniquole selected stunning works on loan from, amongst others, the royal archives, jewellery house mellerio, silver museum schoonhoven, paleis het loo and many artists, galleries, photographers, and designers. all requests were prepared by uniquole. the vonderau museum in fulda submitted the final application.

with thanks to dr verse and judith mader.

_ project: ‘design & dynastie’ exhibition
sponsor selection

the exhibitions by uniquole generate a lot of publicity. for sponsors this is a great opportunity to be noticed. at an early stage, a selection is made of businesses to collaborate with. for fulda the choice was made to collaborate intensively with nautasign and blok plaatmateriaal. with products provided by the sponsors exhibition elements have been created which beautifully and harmoniously align with the style elements and colour schemes of the location. in collaboration with desso all printed carpets based on the original, historical floor were provided.

it is a privilege to showcase dutch companies this way internationally, and on a royal stage!

_ project: “design & dynasty” exhibition
production of exhibition elements

in her exhibitions, nicole niquole amplifies the beauty of the location. to achieve this, she first explores the location in all its facets. all spaces are photographed: the ceilings, wall coverings, panelling, and floors. everything is documented in high resolution. the exhibition elements, such as stages, carpets, displays, and signage uniquole harmonises with the style elements and colour schemes of the location. detailed photographs are artistically edited into printable files. the cnc milling machine manufactures all exhibition elements perfectly, down to the millimetre. the printers print the wallpaper, sticker, and foil materials to cover the elements. this is how a “gesamtkunstwerk” is realised, under the direction of a single contact person per project.

_ project: “design & dynasty” exhibition
collaboration with education

in all exhibitions, at an early stage uniquole looks for possible collaborations with design degrees. how could students present themselves on a grand stage? can a project be incorporated into the curriculum? for the exhibition in fulda a close collaboration with the master tailoring course in amsterdam was chosen. the department researched costumes from the period between 1780-1830. all costumes are executed in white to make it match seamlessly with the white kaiser hall of the palace. the styling was done by the renowned stylist marten spruit.


_ project: ‘design & dynastie’ exhibition
audio guides with qr codes

uniquole develops and produces exhibitions for museums. an extra dimension provided by uniquole for these exhibitions are the accompanying audio guides which offer visitors additional information in a refreshing way. simply scan the qr-code with a smartphone and listen to the explanation and the in-depth (art) historical perspective on the exhibited object. naturally, this can be done in multiple languages.
the technical process is taken care of by uniquole. visitors walk through the exhibition at their own pace and wherever they want, they listen to the “virtual guide” for more context. in addition to audio fragments, uniquole also provides audio visual fragments. visitors to the “design & dynasty” exhibition have greatly appreciated this.

_ project: “design & dynasty” exhibition
media campaign and international press trip initiative

nicole uniquole has close ties with the media. at an early stage these relations are informed about upcoming projects and exhibitions. with thanks to de telegraaf, den haag central, tagesspiegel, and het reformatorisch dagblad for the great feature articles! for the exhibition in fulda uniquole reached out to the german tourist board. together they organised a press trip to the opening of the exhibition. a great success. in collaboration with the dutch embassy in berlin a german pr-agency was selected to support connecting with the german press. this resulted in great feature articles in weltkunst and ideat, among others.
royalty reporter rick evers made a beautiful (3 mins) film on the exhibition during his press trip. you can view this here.

fuldaer zeitung: ‘ruler in miniature’

client: meyerbergman heritage group
project: exhibition “vorm aan de vecht"

the meyerbergman heritage group asked uniquole to put one of their repurposing projects in the spotlights in 2022. from march 18th until september 24th 2022 at country seat doornburgh in maarssen an extraordinary public event takes place. here, the surprising architecture of the former convent by dom hans van der laan and jan de jong, the objects from the lives of the sisters and contemporary design form a provocative gesamtkunstwerk.
as a visitor at this resplendent location you wander around the hushed rooms of the former convent of the canonesses regular of the order of the holy sepulchre and along the lush, blooming garden. along the way you discover the story of the choice of the convent sisters for the explicit architecture and the exquisite objects from their time – such as furniture and silver chalices – that enter a dialogue with leading contemporary design.

photo: moncler

partner: postnl
project: development international postage stamp

at uniquole’s initiative post nl issued a stamp for the celebration of the 250th anniversary of king william i. the first stamp was officially presented in the german city of fulda. in 2022 it is 250 years ago that king william I was born. before william i became the first king of the netherlands he was the ruler over fulda and surrounding area. for the city of fulda this was the moment to let uniquole organise a grand exhibition on the dutch royal house for the summer of 2022. for this occasion, in collaboration with post nl, a special sheet of stamps has been issued. under uniquole’s direction the sheet of 6 stamps with three different stamps was designed by students at the university of graphic design in zwolle.

client: postnl
project: development annual postage stamp

postnl has asked uniquole to annually issue a postage stamp based on the theme of dutch design. the annual series is developed in collaboration with students at the artez university of the arts in zwolle.


citing nicole uniquole from postnl magazine: “i regularly collaborate with artez, also to create the brand identity of exhibitions like the one in fulda. this way students can create designs that are applied in practice. something they can include in their portfolio. this is all incredibly important for their development.”


in collaboration with marijke meester – head of graphic design artez

fuldaer zeitung: ‘insights into the dutch royal family’

den haag centraal: ‘german fulda under the spell of orange’

fuldaer zeitung: ‘city palace on stamp’

eigen huis & interieur: promotion of dutch design

_ project: tentoonstelling ‘design & dynastie’
comité van aanbeveling

the committee of recommendation supports the content concept of the summer exhibition “design & dynasty” in 2022. uniquole expresses thanks for their involvement. the committee consists of:

  • dr heiko wingenfeld (mayor of fulda)
  • viktor v. herzog von ratibor und fürst von corvey, prinz zu hohenlohe-schillingfürst-breunner-enkevoirth
  • h.e. mevrouw mr martine l.a. van loon-labouchere, honorary mistress of the robes of her majesty the queen beatrix and his majesty king willem alexander


  • dr jeroen koch (author of king william i biography)
  • mr frederik willem graaf van hogendorp (descendant of one of the founders of the dutch monarchy who together with king william i established the constitution)
  • mrs laure-isabelle mellerio (director and artistic director of the french jewellery house of mellerio)

photo copyright erwin olaf



architects's breakfast | keynote speaker petra blaisse

everyone remembers the terrible drama of the collapsed bridge in genoa. the valley is being redesigned under the direction of stefano boeri, renzo piano has designed the new bridge and the dutch petra blaisse (inside outside) is responsible for the landscape design.

the presentation of the project in development can be seen at the masterly palazzo during the salone del mobile.


invitation only.

photo: inga powilleit

elle decoration: masterly > elegant selection

_ project: exhibitions “royal showpieces” I & II
revolutionary exhibition concept

one of the most important interventions by curator nicole uniquole for the royal showpieces was the removal of the ropes, that prevented people entering the chambers. for the palace this was not without trepidation, but it is through exhibitions like this that palace het loo stays relevant in the future.


a solution for the sometimes-fragile floors of the palace halls was found in printed carpets, designed in collaboration with maarten spruyt and tsur reshef.


the ceilings designed by daniel marot consist of compartments with various painted decorations. the carpets reflect these ceilings, showing the visitors how new is inspired by old.

photo: marjon hoogervorst

_ project: exhibitions “royal showpieces” I & II
selection and coordination of works on loan

from the museum depots, nicole uniquole selected pieces which are rarely shown to the public and combined these with design from today.
with a new setup, museum pieces from the depots and the addition of clothing, tableware, and art objects uniquole created a striking dialogue between the royal taste of before and dutch design from today.
for the exhibitions “royal showpieces” I & II uniquole was given a lot of freedom to use the depots, containing many treasures begging to be discovered.

in the company of curator paul rem there were many “rummages” around the attics of the palace.
this enabled uniquole to curate unique collections for her exhibitions at paleis het loo.


photograph with paul rem, curator paleis het loo

_ project: exhibitions “royal showpieces” I & II
production of catalogues

each exhibition comes with its own catalogue. this can vary from a small handout to an extensive catalogue with a description of all objects and essays on the relevant theme. of course, always with stunning visuals.

a prerequisite for a beautiful, appealing publication. the graphic design and print preparations are all done in house.

client: jan taminiau
project: furnishing consultant for fashion store shanghai

JANTAMINIAU’s first store in asia recently opened its doors for the public. for the interior of the store in shanghai jan taminiau asked nicole uniquole to perpetuate the dutch design narrative. nicole uniquole selected designs by designer edward van vliet from the leolux collection.

_ project: exhibition “house of orange”
development catalogues

each exhibition comes with its own catalogue. this can vary from a small handout to an extensive catalogue with a description of all objects and essays on the relevant theme. of course, always with stunning visuals.

a prerequisite for a beautiful, appealing publication. the graphic design and print preparations are all done in house.

_ project: exhibition “house of orange”
committee of recommendation

the committee of recommendation supports the content concept of the summer exhibition “house of orange” in 2012. uniquole expresses thanks for their involvement. the committee consists of:


  • prof. dr. titus m. eliëns (former head of collections gemeentemuseum den haag, professor of industtrial design at the university of leiden)
  • christoph boninger (designer)
  • dr. eva maria hoyer (director grassi museum of applied arts)


  • prof. dr florian hufnagl (former director museum neue sammlung munchen)
  • prof. dr. johan ter molen (former director paleis het loo, professor by special appointment “applied arts, and arts & crafts” at the radboud university nijmegen)
  • prof. axel müller-schöll (professor of interior architecture burg giebichenstein university of art and design halle)
  • drs. ingeborg de roode (curator industrial design at het stedelijk museum amsterdam)

photo: photography agency hoge noorden